Most parks issue tickets that are valid only on the days of the festival.  Please check your ticket for the dates as they are printed on the front.  You may also check on this web site for the dates for this year’s festival and those are the days that the tickets can be used.

 Do I need to order a park ticket(s) for my bus driver(s)?


Bus drivers get in free when they need to show their CDL at the window.


 Where will I pick-up my park tickets?


You will receive your tickets at the performance site on the day of the festival.  At the festival desk, your tickets will be counted out for your group(s).  You will sign the invoice acknowledging receipt of tickets.  Once you have left the festival site, there will be no adjustments for unused tickets.  Please have your counts ready and accurate when you check out.

 Can I add students or chaperones on the day of the festival?


Yes!  Additional tickets will be available for purchase at the festival registration desk.

What is the current cost of tickets at the gate?

The 2020 gate cost at Frontier City is $49.99 plus tax. 

What is the current parking fees for buses?   


When you are our guest at the festival, there is no fee to park a regulation school bus or a bus chartered by the school.  If you have an instrument truck that is traveling with the school and there is no identification on the vehicle, please let me know in advance of the festival date so I can make arrangements for parking.  If advance notification is not received, then there will be a parking fee for the instrument vehicle.   There is a $20.00 parking fee per car entry.




 * Please contact us for specifics for the Branson festival as there are several differences in the prices and format for this venue *




Is there an application fee to sign up for a festival?


Yes.  There is a $50.00 non-refundable application fee per performing group.  It is due upon entry.  Once the application has been processed, an invoice will be emailed.  BEFORE your group will be added to the queue of performances, the application fee must be received. 

 How accurate do my numbers need to be when I apply?


When you apply, please provide us with your best estimate.  You will have several opportunities to adjust your enrollment after you apply.  Be sure you only count each student one time, regardless of the number of performing groups they are in.


 How many free adults am I entitled to?


You will receive complimentary tickets for the number of directors that you bring - however it cannot total more than two directors per performing group.  (example - if you bring two groups and have three directors - you will receive three complimentary tickets.  If you bring two groups and have five directors - you will receive four complimentary tickets.)

Does the Director have to pay?


The Director is included as one of the FREE adults.


If a student is in more than one performing group, do they have to pay an additional cost?


No. Your invoice will reflect the total number of students and total number of adults attending the festival.

 What if my students have a season pass for the park?


Students holding season passes, or who will not be entering the park for any other reason, will be charged the Festival-Only cost of $16.00. There will be no charge for adults holding season passes.

Branson Festival-\Only charges are $30.00 per ticket.





When do performances take place?


For the most part, performances take place between 8:00 am and 1:00 pm.


Schools are welcome to arrive in advance of their scheduled performance time to view other performances.  Our main request is that respect is given to the performing group.  No instrument playing, tuning, or loud talking in the waiting areas is permissible.


May I use photocopied scores?


If published scores cannot by supplied, copies are acceptable and legal, provided they are destroyed after use.


Do you have a required music list?


There are no required selections. Each group performs music appropriate to their level of development.

 Will equipment be available at the performance site? If so, what?


We provide chairs, risers, acoustic piano, Director Podium, bass drum, three timpani, and xylophone.  You MUST bring all other percussion,  mallets, and sticks.  Vocal groups must provide their own “boom box” for performance, if needed.


In the warm-up room, we provide chairs and a piano.  There are no stands available and we apologize for the inconvenience that this may bring; however - your warm-up time is limited to 15 minutes so time in the room is very little.  Vocal groups will need to provide their own "boom box" for warm-up as one is NOT guaranteed.



What is the procedure for changing my number of participants from the original application?


That's easy! You can simply make the adjustment on your invoice prior to submitting final payment or contact our office via email. Please note that even if you book your tickets through a third party, there is still a festival only cost of $16/$30 per student.

 Can I make final payment at the festival?




When do you need my final numbers for the festival?


Final numbers are due 5 days prior to the festival.






What happens if it rains? 


In the event of rain, amusement parks, as a rule, will not close. Therefore, the festival will not be postponed or cancelled due to weather. Many parks issue tickets that are valid only on the day of the festival. If the park is operating on the day of your festival and you decide not to visit the park, you will not receive a refund.

 Can I use the park tickets on a different day?

Heartland Music Fest


 Can I request a performance time?


On your registration form, there is a place for you to request a performance time.  Please note that we do our best to accommodate your wishes, but preferences will be made for groups that enroll early and groups that have to travel a long distance, and the number of groups from each school that are performing on that day.  We will do our best to accommodate your request, however please keep in mind that these are just requests.

When will I find out my performance time?


The performance schedule is emailed 10 – 14 days prior to the festival date.  You can also check this website for updated schedules and also call for a schedule to be faxed or emailed to your school.  Please keep in mind that we do our best to get the schedules out early, but factors such as last minute and heavy enrollment days come into play when we schedule.

 Do we need to wear uniforms?


Uniforms are not required. The attire of the group is left up to the discretion of each Director and will not be factored into the Adjudicators' ratings.  Most groups do not wear uniforms; however, many wear their band, orchestra, or choral shirts.  This does not affect the adjudication of your group.


 Where does the festival adjudication take place?


Performances take place at local schools, churches, colleges, or other performance venues located near the amusement park.


Will we have the opportunity to listen to other groups perform?


What if I need meal tickets for my group?


Meal tickets ARE available for purchase.  Just let us know on your registration form or call us directly and we will be happy to arrange this for you.  Meal counts are due one week prior to your festival date as this is the time that the final count is contracted with the theme park. This is a great way to help save your students some money on the day of the festival AND (at the Frontier City Festival) meal tickets also include a free return ticket to the park.

 What is included in the meal?

The meal includes chicken strips, chips, cookies, and a drink.   Meals are served in the Red and Yellow Pavilion under a covered awning.  Meals are served between 12:00 and 2:00 pm.


Are there differences between the Frontier City Festival and Branson Festival?

There are some differences between the two festivals:

1) Due to the nature of the festival and the other venues - awards will be
distributed AT the Branson performance site.  The only awards to be awarded after the festival will be the Judge's Choice and the Sweepstakes.  THERE IS NO AWARD CEREMONY in BRANSON.

2) Prices (ticket, meals, parking) are different between the two parks as well  as     
operating times.

When you register, the registration page will outline the prices for Branson.

If you have questions regarding the prices, please contact our office.